Reading the Image – Evaluating my final production.

My project was an online article about plastic sea pollution and its harms and it goes on to how we can resolve the issue, and attached with it was an infographic giving small facts in relation with the article.

The project was aimed for an audience aged around 13 years old or younger.  I have done the article in a way where one doesn’t see a huge chunk of text as soon as they look at it and it is divided into paragraphs and bulleted forms – mentioning facts as they would be the most intriguing to read.  This did help make the article more interesting and it did reach its initial aim which was to educate on what we should do to reduce this problem.  However, the infographics was there to help the article seem more interesting, to get the audience to be more interested in reading the article and finding solutions – but I don’t think it did it justice as it was made up of all relevant facts but not facts that will encourage you to actually do something, I feel as it didn’t reach its initial purpose.

I feel as if my strengths in this project were mostly in the pre-production of it all and retrieving information from experts in the field. The structuring of what my article needed to include and look and finding reliable sources.  However, the actual production I lacked in it.  The infographic as I mentioned previously shouldn’t have been done that way, I feel as if it included actual pictures of what the said topic is causing and showing the actual harm it would have been more affective and what is written at the end of the article would have made more of an impact.

Another factor I feel I should have done better was that I should have kept the target audience in mind throughout as in the beginning my article was more for an older audience so I had to re-think it all and put the information as like an outline, hence this put me back in the time I had to finish.

For the peer review I didn’t get much feedback, except for three people mentioning that they thought the infographics did meet the target audience – and I think that only the first part of it actually did.  Another two factors they mentioned where about the background music that it matched with the infographic and the voice over was done professionally and I did agree with this point as I feel that Mark (voice over) projected the facts well and gave them life, as he spoke them in a way that gives out meaning and pre-caution.

I wasn’t given any feedback on the article, I think this was because all I could do in the peer review was explain briefly what it was about.

My final thought on this project would be, a positive one regarding the article however of course it could have been done better.  But towards the infographics it is a negative one as I feel it should have included much more work and that as I said it could have been done different.

Favourite Genre

My favourite genre: Fantasy

The genre fantasy is when the story is true or close to reality and set in a surreal world having all of the characters, places made up.  It may include elements such as magic.  I  can never get enough or too old for Disney movies and almost all of them fall in the fantasy genre.  I would have to say I love it mostly because it takes your mind of off reality and you can imagine yourself in the abstract world.

Some of the sub genres for fantasy movies are:

  • Romantic Fantasy
  • Mythic
  • Adventure Fantasy


I think my absolute three favourite fantasy movies would have to be:

Pete’s Dragon:




Finding Neverland:

Digital Media in Visual Arts: Semester Evaluation

This semester revolved around us getting practice or learning new adobe programmes: Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  Therefore, I will cover each program separately as I feel in each one I have encountered different things, as well as I was familiar with some and new with the others.


Studying Key- Works of other artists: I feel as if starting out the semester researching and writing about these, really did help me out as I got to see different techniques which I could too use to better my work/practice and see which methods work for me.

Premiere pro:

Task 1 – Experiment:

I have been using this program for about two and a half years, however I never really experimented on it as I always used it for simple cuts.  In my experiment, I opted for an effect – Video in Text.


Cutting with the beat: (The letters pop out with the music).


Masking the letters – There were 2 types of masking, the first to put the video in text and the second to make the letters appear one by one with the beat which I couldn’t do that easily as I kept re-shuffling the letters unintentionally.

Show reel: Apart from having a background spin which was created on illustrator, I feel as if I didn’t experiment much which photoshoot. However, I do like it to be clean.


  • Keeping bins in order (Everything was in order files, thus when someone comes to find a particular item.


  • Couldn’t cut exactly with the beat.


  • Used the ready-made effects.


Task 1 – Experiment: I’ve always been curious on how to create a double exposure, which I changed some angles of.


  • Choosing the right mediums
  • Creating the masks (I feel as if I got the hand in creating masks)


  • I didn’t blend it out 100 percent.
  • Some edges aren’t completely faded.
  • Using the wrong properties for print.
  • Setting the presets (when creating a new edit, I wasn’t sure on which sizes I should open it.)

Result: Fairly good

Newspaper: For the content of the newspaper, I decided that I would look up some tutorials and have the article name revolve around it, as well as I did come up with the content in the photo not taken from the tutorial.


  • Setting up hues and exposure on a photo (To do some change in colouring I had to re-do.


  • Realism (To take an overall look, the edits were made to look funny, however it looks a bit fake.
  • Adjusting the presets (Using web for some of the edits)



Task 1 – Experiment:  Illustrator used to be the least favourite, as I thought there was only one way to create a logo (I thought that you can only create a logo). Therefore, I


  • Creating the geometry shape


  • I couldn’t create a shadow.

Result – Good

Newspaper: The main use for illustrator in the newspaper was to create a logo. However, I did use it to create 2 backgrounds.


  • Creating the logo design on it.
  • Using vectors.



  • Using the pathfinders to make a page flip. (I couldn’t understand what the paths would create).
  • Using the wrong properties for print (Worked with web for some instead).
























This program was absolutely new to me; hence each experiment was completely new to me to try out – Brochure.


Task 1 – Experiment:



  • Creating a layout: Dividing the sections equally to make sure the folding could be done.


  • Keeping a uniform layout.



  • Finding a very beginners tutorial: I kept on finding tutorials which I had no I idea what they are talking about.


Result: Poor


Newspaper: I believe that out of all, this was my best performed in task as I do like constructing layouts and do like to be precise.




  • Creating the grids (Sizes of text box etc. were all measured first – using the rectangle tool to have everything the same in size.


  • Keeping a uniform layout (Keeping track of fonts, colours, sizes).




  • Creating the layout of the first page.




Final task overall thoughts:


I’m pretty pleased with the way the newspaper turned out, as it is quite neat and has a clean look, while having a lot of information still on it.


Final Project

Project Statement:

My main project was to write an online article for students ages 15 and younger, I thought that to make it seem more interesting rather than adding images like usual, I decided to include a simple infographic to get the attention of the younger ones, hence why it is done looking so childish.  For the article I decided to divide it into separate paragraphs and point formed so that when they have a first glance at it, it doesn’t push them away from seeing a huge paragraph.  Also, the wording had to be kept simple and not give out details but give out a general idea as if I had done that, interest would have been lost.


Plastic Pollution and it_s harmful causes to the Sea



References for infographics and article

Task 4: Peer Evaluation: Naomi Meli trailer evaluation on: ‘The last minute’  


When I first heard the story of this trailer, I was keen on it immediately as the uncanniness of this trailer was the uncertainty.


Throughout this trailer we see a sequence, a child growing up into a lady, I think this trailer brakes many stereotypes and is very unfamiliar, as to seeing the usual a man finding a new woman or vice versa.  This trailer was showing the love she had for God and for her boyfriend.


The use of colours in this trailer I believe were bland ones to keep the focus on the story rather than the visuals themselves, and there was one particular shot where we see the holy cross, and when seeing the textures of the cross you feel pain, and when you look at it you end up thinking about life problems you encounter and in this shot we can tell that she grew up looking at this cross, thus representing she has been debating herself since she was a little girl.  However, speaking of this shot I would have to say that in my opinion this could have been shot differently to have to of the same shots but different angles to represent that she has grown up.


Throughout this trailer we can tell that the focal point is the lady and her relationship with Jesus and the church, as even in the shots where she is giving us her back she is shot walking to a leading point.  Also, I think the music choice matched the theme perfectly.


The thing I found to be the most interesting in this trailer was the way Naomi decided to show the uncanny feature is with – confusion – the confusion in which the woman had whether marrying or dedicating her life to God and I felt as if Naomi did this to make us relate, that everyone will pass from some kind of uncertainty in life – it will be uncanny to them at first but a solution will always come their way, hence, why she didn’t give the ending away as even though something is good for one deosn’t mean it’s good for the other.


Task 4: Peer Evaluation Nina Karniej trailer evaluation on: ‘Nostalgia’

Firstly, I have to say that I think this was done beautifully and it wasn’t something I excepted to see, as I thought most trailers would revolve around depression, surreal things and scary items.  However, this was certainly not the case, in this trailer Nina showed the uncanny by telling a part of her story. Nina is an immigrant here in Malta, and the nostalgia is almost like creating a bride with here (Malta) and her homeland (Poland), the past and the future.


The trailer starts of with wave shots which are taken in Malta and it shows warm colours of the sunrise which I feel as if it represents that she is happy to be living here, than it moves on to featuring her face in a plane looking out of a window, in which we see shots from the sea in Malta again to a puddle in Poland, which shows that she isn’t a citizen of a certain place but a citizen of the world.  The trailer than takes place in Poland, the colouring of this and textures are quite cold and bland and I do think that this had a reason behind it: to differentiate the two countries, the one she used to call home and the one she is currently calling home.


The trailer ends by showing a woman walking towards another woman and when we see them close up they are both Nina – and I think this was done to show that a country doesn’t change someone completely, and that a person can still recall the different experiences and lifestyles she lived/lives in, however, she has to adapt to some new changes and responsibilities she encounters when leaving home and this factor was represented with Nina wearing different clothes while looking at herself, thus showing the same person with only a few changes.


A small change I think that would have made this story stronger would have been to show some small snippets of her home town here and there instead of using the sea shot for that long as I believe we could understand her life more, and I would have used more close ups as this is her story and close ups would have made it more personal. Apart from this I thought that even the music choice was good one.


I believe the way Nina wanted to portray uncanny in this is by showing that uncanny isn’t really something we’ve never seen or something weird but uncanny is something that we have avoided to acknowledge before, something which has always been in front of our eyes.



Task 4: Evaluation: Personal evaluation on my trailer: ‘Branded’.

The trailer which I have submitted features a young priest having a tattoo. Why have I chosen to do this is because of a Maltese priest named Fr. Rob who is currently living in Austria who has 2 tattoos, for which I found to be strange but very interesting to me.  Therefore, I decided to base my trailer on the said topic, which one of my main aims was to clearly show it is in Malta, hence why I filmed in Sliema and showed a snippet of Valletta.


I chose to have a young actor wearing all black – black is usually the colour which is mostly worn by priests, and another reason for choosing the colour black was to keep it neutral –  even the shots I had where the colours of stone and sea, which are very neutral and this was done on purpose as to link it to everyone having a different opinion and not be biased and I felt as if having neutral colours is like not being biased.


The textures featured in this trailer where as I would call them smooth, like the stone of the church or the calm sea, this was portraying the way how this trailer should be approached in a calm manner and when people watch it, they should reason it out calmly.


Before I go on to mention what was the reasoning behind naming it branded, I will mention why I chose that specific thin font, I didn’t want the title to be the main focus and in the particular shot I used it in the main focus was the father walking and his hands, therefore, the thin font was done so the viewers aren’t distracted from the main focal point.


As I just mentioned the title of this particular trailer is ‘Branded’ – this was done with a reason behind it, and the reason being that each and every single human being out there is branded, and it doesn’t mean that a tattoo is branding you because it’s a permanent thing but the use of branding is because we all have something that makes us, a certain thing that reminds someone of us or of who we are.  In this particular case, I decided to brand this man with being a priest by having him wearing a white collar, and by choosing to give him a tattoo it was showing how he can be anything he wants.  Also, showing Valletta was intentional because apart from having it there because of this view being one of the main attractions in Malta and there is a church a well, Valletta is branded – with this I was trying to portray how Malta is still branding people, and Valletta is a perfect example of this – because apart from it having many different races, religions, faces, bodies, Valletta itself was branded this year, by being called Valletta 18.  Thus, no it wasn’t named branded because a tattoo is permanent but branded because as I said we are all branded.


To help shape up these factors the way it was shot and edited did help, firstly I did remove some shots from the original storyboard I had planned out, because when I shot them and re-evaluated I thought that it would have taken some sense out of the trailer and the jump cuts I decided to have wouldn’t have made sense.


The shots were mostly taken from an eye-level, this was done for a reason – to show that no one is in power or above any, that we are all equal.  As well as, throughout this trailer I didn’t show the face of the priest until the very end, I decided to show close ups of different features instead, as this is a trailer and it is better to keep the suspense and have everyone interested in what might happen.  I decided to film most of it with the rule of thirds as the shots will look neater.


The music was chosen to be a bit dramatic, again to create suspense as I believe that is what a trailer should do: to create curiosity.


Strengths I developed and had during this task:  I thought that the story was something different, and not something you’d expect to see when you think of unfamiliar and uncanny.

Another thing was the connections I decided to link with the colours and textures I decided to use in the trailer, and the reasoning behind the name ‘Branded’.


Weaknesses I had during this task: I believe the trailer would have been done better, if it was all shot at sunset instead of sunrise.  As well as, the story could have been thought out more wisely to make it seem uncannier: this being that instead of having a priest I could have had a nun and it would have made it a different story and an uncommon situation as I believe we live in a world were man still dominate us, even though we are working for everything to be equal and I think it might have worked in my trailer to have a nun instead of a priest.


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