Task 4: Evaluation: Personal evaluation on my trailer: ‘Branded’.

The trailer which I have submitted features a young priest having a tattoo. Why have I chosen to do this is because of a Maltese priest named Fr. Rob who is currently living in Austria who has 2 tattoos, for which I found to be strange but very interesting to me.  Therefore, I decided to base my trailer on the said topic, which one of my main aims was to clearly show it is in Malta, hence why I filmed in Sliema and showed a snippet of Valletta.


I chose to have a young actor wearing all black – black is usually the colour which is mostly worn by priests, and another reason for choosing the colour black was to keep it neutral –  even the shots I had where the colours of stone and sea, which are very neutral and this was done on purpose as to link it to everyone having a different opinion and not be biased and I felt as if having neutral colours is like not being biased.


The textures featured in this trailer where as I would call them smooth, like the stone of the church or the calm sea, this was portraying the way how this trailer should be approached in a calm manner and when people watch it, they should reason it out calmly.


Before I go on to mention what was the reasoning behind naming it branded, I will mention why I chose that specific thin font, I didn’t want the title to be the main focus and in the particular shot I used it in the main focus was the father walking and his hands, therefore, the thin font was done so the viewers aren’t distracted from the main focal point.


As I just mentioned the title of this particular trailer is ‘Branded’ – this was done with a reason behind it, and the reason being that each and every single human being out there is branded, and it doesn’t mean that a tattoo is branding you because it’s a permanent thing but the use of branding is because we all have something that makes us, a certain thing that reminds someone of us or of who we are.  In this particular case, I decided to brand this man with being a priest by having him wearing a white collar, and by choosing to give him a tattoo it was showing how he can be anything he wants.  Also, showing Valletta was intentional because apart from having it there because of this view being one of the main attractions in Malta and there is a church a well, Valletta is branded – with this I was trying to portray how Malta is still branding people, and Valletta is a perfect example of this – because apart from it having many different races, religions, faces, bodies, Valletta itself was branded this year, by being called Valletta 18.  Thus, no it wasn’t named branded because a tattoo is permanent but branded because as I said we are all branded.


To help shape up these factors the way it was shot and edited did help, firstly I did remove some shots from the original storyboard I had planned out, because when I shot them and re-evaluated I thought that it would have taken some sense out of the trailer and the jump cuts I decided to have wouldn’t have made sense.


The shots were mostly taken from an eye-level, this was done for a reason – to show that no one is in power or above any, that we are all equal.  As well as, throughout this trailer I didn’t show the face of the priest until the very end, I decided to show close ups of different features instead, as this is a trailer and it is better to keep the suspense and have everyone interested in what might happen.  I decided to film most of it with the rule of thirds as the shots will look neater.


The music was chosen to be a bit dramatic, again to create suspense as I believe that is what a trailer should do: to create curiosity.


Strengths I developed and had during this task:  I thought that the story was something different, and not something you’d expect to see when you think of unfamiliar and uncanny.

Another thing was the connections I decided to link with the colours and textures I decided to use in the trailer, and the reasoning behind the name ‘Branded’.


Weaknesses I had during this task: I believe the trailer would have been done better, if it was all shot at sunset instead of sunrise.  As well as, the story could have been thought out more wisely to make it seem uncannier: this being that instead of having a priest I could have had a nun and it would have made it a different story and an uncommon situation as I believe we live in a world were man still dominate us, even though we are working for everything to be equal and I think it might have worked in my trailer to have a nun instead of a priest.


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