Task 4: Peer Evaluation: Naomi Meli trailer evaluation on: ‘The last minute’  


When I first heard the story of this trailer, I was keen on it immediately as the uncanniness of this trailer was the uncertainty.


Throughout this trailer we see a sequence, a child growing up into a lady, I think this trailer brakes many stereotypes and is very unfamiliar, as to seeing the usual a man finding a new woman or vice versa.  This trailer was showing the love she had for God and for her boyfriend.


The use of colours in this trailer I believe were bland ones to keep the focus on the story rather than the visuals themselves, and there was one particular shot where we see the holy cross, and when seeing the textures of the cross you feel pain, and when you look at it you end up thinking about life problems you encounter and in this shot we can tell that she grew up looking at this cross, thus representing she has been debating herself since she was a little girl.  However, speaking of this shot I would have to say that in my opinion this could have been shot differently to have to of the same shots but different angles to represent that she has grown up.


Throughout this trailer we can tell that the focal point is the lady and her relationship with Jesus and the church, as even in the shots where she is giving us her back she is shot walking to a leading point.  Also, I think the music choice matched the theme perfectly.


The thing I found to be the most interesting in this trailer was the way Naomi decided to show the uncanny feature is with – confusion – the confusion in which the woman had whether marrying or dedicating her life to God and I felt as if Naomi did this to make us relate, that everyone will pass from some kind of uncertainty in life – it will be uncanny to them at first but a solution will always come their way, hence, why she didn’t give the ending away as even though something is good for one deosn’t mean it’s good for the other.


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