Task 4: Peer Evaluation Nina Karniej trailer evaluation on: ‘Nostalgia’

Firstly, I have to say that I think this was done beautifully and it wasn’t something I excepted to see, as I thought most trailers would revolve around depression, surreal things and scary items.  However, this was certainly not the case, in this trailer Nina showed the uncanny by telling a part of her story. Nina is an immigrant here in Malta, and the nostalgia is almost like creating a bride with here (Malta) and her homeland (Poland), the past and the future.


The trailer starts of with wave shots which are taken in Malta and it shows warm colours of the sunrise which I feel as if it represents that she is happy to be living here, than it moves on to featuring her face in a plane looking out of a window, in which we see shots from the sea in Malta again to a puddle in Poland, which shows that she isn’t a citizen of a certain place but a citizen of the world.  The trailer than takes place in Poland, the colouring of this and textures are quite cold and bland and I do think that this had a reason behind it: to differentiate the two countries, the one she used to call home and the one she is currently calling home.


The trailer ends by showing a woman walking towards another woman and when we see them close up they are both Nina – and I think this was done to show that a country doesn’t change someone completely, and that a person can still recall the different experiences and lifestyles she lived/lives in, however, she has to adapt to some new changes and responsibilities she encounters when leaving home and this factor was represented with Nina wearing different clothes while looking at herself, thus showing the same person with only a few changes.


A small change I think that would have made this story stronger would have been to show some small snippets of her home town here and there instead of using the sea shot for that long as I believe we could understand her life more, and I would have used more close ups as this is her story and close ups would have made it more personal. Apart from this I thought that even the music choice was good one.


I believe the way Nina wanted to portray uncanny in this is by showing that uncanny isn’t really something we’ve never seen or something weird but uncanny is something that we have avoided to acknowledge before, something which has always been in front of our eyes.



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