Digital Media in Visual Arts: Semester Evaluation

This semester revolved around us getting practice or learning new adobe programmes: Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  Therefore, I will cover each program separately as I feel in each one I have encountered different things, as well as I was familiar with some and new with the others.


Studying Key- Works of other artists: I feel as if starting out the semester researching and writing about these, really did help me out as I got to see different techniques which I could too use to better my work/practice and see which methods work for me.

Premiere pro:

Task 1 – Experiment:

I have been using this program for about two and a half years, however I never really experimented on it as I always used it for simple cuts.  In my experiment, I opted for an effect – Video in Text.


Cutting with the beat: (The letters pop out with the music).


Masking the letters – There were 2 types of masking, the first to put the video in text and the second to make the letters appear one by one with the beat which I couldn’t do that easily as I kept re-shuffling the letters unintentionally.

Show reel: Apart from having a background spin which was created on illustrator, I feel as if I didn’t experiment much which photoshoot. However, I do like it to be clean.


  • Keeping bins in order (Everything was in order files, thus when someone comes to find a particular item.


  • Couldn’t cut exactly with the beat.


  • Used the ready-made effects.


Task 1 – Experiment: I’ve always been curious on how to create a double exposure, which I changed some angles of.


  • Choosing the right mediums
  • Creating the masks (I feel as if I got the hand in creating masks)


  • I didn’t blend it out 100 percent.
  • Some edges aren’t completely faded.
  • Using the wrong properties for print.
  • Setting the presets (when creating a new edit, I wasn’t sure on which sizes I should open it.)

Result: Fairly good

Newspaper: For the content of the newspaper, I decided that I would look up some tutorials and have the article name revolve around it, as well as I did come up with the content in the photo not taken from the tutorial.


  • Setting up hues and exposure on a photo (To do some change in colouring I had to re-do.


  • Realism (To take an overall look, the edits were made to look funny, however it looks a bit fake.
  • Adjusting the presets (Using web for some of the edits)



Task 1 – Experiment:  Illustrator used to be the least favourite, as I thought there was only one way to create a logo (I thought that you can only create a logo). Therefore, I


  • Creating the geometry shape


  • I couldn’t create a shadow.

Result – Good

Newspaper: The main use for illustrator in the newspaper was to create a logo. However, I did use it to create 2 backgrounds.


  • Creating the logo design on it.
  • Using vectors.



  • Using the pathfinders to make a page flip. (I couldn’t understand what the paths would create).
  • Using the wrong properties for print (Worked with web for some instead).
























This program was absolutely new to me; hence each experiment was completely new to me to try out – Brochure.


Task 1 – Experiment:



  • Creating a layout: Dividing the sections equally to make sure the folding could be done.


  • Keeping a uniform layout.



  • Finding a very beginners tutorial: I kept on finding tutorials which I had no I idea what they are talking about.


Result: Poor


Newspaper: I believe that out of all, this was my best performed in task as I do like constructing layouts and do like to be precise.




  • Creating the grids (Sizes of text box etc. were all measured first – using the rectangle tool to have everything the same in size.


  • Keeping a uniform layout (Keeping track of fonts, colours, sizes).




  • Creating the layout of the first page.




Final task overall thoughts:


I’m pretty pleased with the way the newspaper turned out, as it is quite neat and has a clean look, while having a lot of information still on it.


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