Newspaper Progress

Started out with choosing the name and colours I wanted to base it on:

Name: El Gazette – Inspired from the series ‘Gilmore Girls’

Colours:  2 dark hues of purple and black (as I wanted it to be almost black)


Choosing the fonts (I have listed them down to use the same fonts in each page):

Newspaper Main Title: Chunky Five Print (

Price Bar: Font – Minion Pro Bold | Size – 23

Article Titles: Font – CHUNKY FIVE | Size – 30

Text: Font – Minion Pro| Size – 12

100th year edition: Font – Ananda Black | Size – 40

Sub titles + Quotes: Font – Minion Pro | Size- 20

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 14.55.41 - choosing fonts.png

Main keyboard shortcuts that were handy:

E – To be able to re-size a photo

CMD + D – To insert an image

W – To show or hide guidelines


Pre-starting designing the layout on indesign I have sketched some on a journal (which I will hand-in in class)


Designing the Newspaper:

The guide lines where so more important than I would have thought as I wanted to be very precise with having each column equal .

Creating page 1 ( I merged two of the pages I had drawn on my journal however I got stuck here)

Since it was the main page I wanted to have it showing what articles will be presented in it.

I decided to create a text in form of a cake as I wanted it to be artistic and be a special edition.12-e1516832299328.png3

Creating Page 2: (This was aimed to be filled with text and here I decided to have my newspaper to be four columns as I had previously thought about doing three.)

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 23.13.56.png

I decided to enhance this as I thought it was to plain and had no effort added to it so I included another article for which the photo I didn’t edit.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 23.42.02.png

Creating Page 3: (The main design after this page was done to have the picture in the middle over a coloured square – everything else revolved around it – keeping the 4 column layout)

I added the quotes to make it look more eye pleasing.61.png78

Creating page 4: Since this is the closing page I wanted it to look quite simple



News Paper: Creation of ads

I have decided to include 3 ads in this newspaper 2 being photo manipulations and the other just a simple edit.

AD 1 – Magic Burger

The background was created on illustrator:

Apostrophe created on illustrator (To match the McDonalds’ one):


Yellow – #ffc300 – The same one McDonalds uses.

The Manipulation:

Original Images:

The Final Manipulated Photo:

AD 2 – Perfume Offer

The Background was created on illustrator:

The Manipulation:

Original Image:


The Final Manipulated Photo:

AD 3: Range Rover Competition

Original Images:

The Final edit:

Article Progress 2

Update –

I started writing my article and I was trying to find research which included a lot of statistics and technical words, however again after having a tutorial with my lecturer today, I came to a realisation that I shouldn’t be doing this as my audience target is that of a young age and I don’t think they would find these to be of any interest! So basically I had to build another plan for my article, as well as limiting myself to have a certain word count and a different structure.

Article Progress


The main research for my article was going to be gathered from people I will interview, which offered to help me.  However when I sent the questions, not only one time as I send a reminder the only people who got back to me were Cane Vella and Juan Jose Bonello, which I got incredible feedback from both of them however they didn’t have the knowledge on everything I had to ask, as it’s not all in their profession.  After speaking with my lecturer in a tutorial I realised how fast time is going by fast, I decided to gather information online and Juan really helped in finding sites as he sent me some which were proven to have real information.

Update (16 January)

Gayle Murphy did get back to me however at this point I had already written the whole article, but she sent me a voice recording to answer my questions and as I heard it I went through my article and confirmed that what I was mentioning in it was in fact correct information.


I will mention a movie that uses shadows as a way to show what is coming to the little boys way.  I decided to use this particular movie as when you think of shadows in movie this wouldn’t come to mind.  The movie is home alone.


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 00.41.48


I have chosen a theme song of a series to speak about, which is of ‘The Fosters’.  I think it is so beautiful, the simplicity of it makes it even better.  The warm tones make you feel at ease.  Thought they use they used the same range of colours such as bronze, yellow/golden, oranges and using wooden furniture all to keep in theme.  I feel that they are using this to portray the family show, as this is about a loving and understanding family.  The warm tones literally gives you warm feelings.

The Fosters Theme Song:



Infographics Progress.

So the infographics is turning out to be a lot different from what I have anticipated, so far I have officially scrapped out the idea of having a talking fish, as I mentioned in a previous blog post because of the copyright and then I officially removed it because I was finding it very difficult for me to actually do it and make it synch.  Another thing I am currently encountering is that I decided to draw most of the stuff myself on AE itself to make it look cartoonish and very 2d. The part I am currently re-doing is the way I will show the pictures which I took in Marsalforn.

Filming Update!


Both the actor and the back-up cancelled on Monday 1st January, as they were offered a paying role on the filming day.  Hence I needed to find a new actor as filming was quite close.  Hence I decided to look for a model instead of an actor this time as my trailer didn’t include a speaking part and face emotions!

The next day, Kyle Magri and his agency confirmed he will be able to be a part of my trailer.  However, again I decided to have a back up, which is Idil Demicholi a classmate of mine.

The filming date and location remained the same.

Filming Date : January 3rd 2018

Time: 7:30 am

Location: Sliema Front

Model: Kyle Magri

Back-up: Idil Demicholi

Pitch reviews.

After I presented my pitch, I did get positive remarks and so I will continue on what I have planned to do.  A thing which I plan to change from my article is saying that recycling is the solution as I have discovered I was making a mistake and in reality re-dusing should be done.  Also, after the pitch I might scrape the idea of having the talking fish, as I was thinking of having a talking Nemo as it’s a well-known character but one of my lecturers pointed out that this would be copyright, so I’m not keen on the idea of having a talking fish anymore as I wanted to use itN Nemo as I said because he is a well-known character.